Renewed Mercado Beira-Rio in Gaia opens | in Dinheiro Vivo

Mercado Beira-Rio, located at the marginal road of Gaia, has opened with a renewed concept that combines the gastronomic experience with the tradition of fresh food.

The revival of an emblematic space where fresh products were always king for 80 years that opens with a modern concept, combining shopping experience with gastronomy. After many lifeless years, Mercado Beira-Rio, at the marginal road of Vila Nova de Gaia, has opened after undergoing a rehabilitation process. All the stalls – fruit, vegetables, butcher – and the traditional coffee shops and crafts stores that were still in the building were improved and became neighbours to modern restaurants, wine and beer bars and traditional pastry shops.

Mercado Beira-Rio extends over a thousand square meters and holds 47 commercial areas. This market holds 178 indoor seats and 344 outdoor seats and will be operating under extended opening hours all over the year. The project will generate about 100 new jobs and a turnover of about 3.5 million euros. When going to the old/new market, customers will find all traditional products that were already sold and will also enjoy Portuguese cuisine flavours. It’s only a matter of deciding which delicacy to choose from the suckling pig of O Forno do Leitão do Zé, the codfish of Chef Manuel de Almeida (Bacalhau do Porto) or the cheese and sausage boards of Queijaria Portuguesa.

In addition, some of the names already known in Porto like Barriga Negra, Taxca, Alta Burguesia and da Terra will also be present at the new Mercado Beira-Rio. International flavours will be represented by the famous Italian piadinas from Piadina Mia, sushi and ceviche from Sushi no Mercado and the croquettes from Kroquet, inspired in Dutch croquetteries.

As to pastry, customers will also find the chocolates and homemade ice-creams of Arcádia, the creativity of Miss Pavlova and the brigadeiros of Brigadão.

As this market is in Gaia, where Port Wine cellars are located, beverages will also be present via a wine store and a bar with the brands Sogrape and a Super Bock Beer Experience area.

Those who are in charge for this market ensure that more than a gastronomic destination, they will be focusing on a cultural agenda that includes live music, art exhibitions, poetry recitals and seasonal theme events all over the year.

Mercado Beira-Rio will be managed by Fachada Oceânica, a consortium formed by the constructor Lucios, specialists in urban rehabilitation and Legível Puzzle, whose partners are PEV Entertainment, a promoter of cultural events like Festival Marés Vivas, and Jocalu Higiene Industrial. The City Hall of Vila Nova de Gaia has granted the exploitation of this place for a period of 30 years.

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