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Lucios, the company that owns the domain, respects individual privacy and values its clients’ and partners’ trust, taking its responsibilities very seriously as far as the safety of those data. The present privacy policy explains what personal data we collect about you, how and for what reasons we use them, who we disclose them to and how we protect your privacy.

The aim of this information is to tell you what personal data we collect, the reasons why we use and share those data, for how long we keep them and how you may exert your rights.

Lucios Engenharia & Construção, Legal Person 501789600, with main office in Rua José Martins Maia, nº 45, 4485-848 Vilar do Pinheiro, is the entity responsible for the treatment of your data.

Contact Information: name, e-mail and telephone
Data concerning your interactions with us, through our personal assistance service, client support service, hotline, management of claims, etc.
Lucios only collects and treats these personal data when they are directly provided by you, whether by filling in a contact form or spontaneous application.

Unless it is a legal obligation, we never treat personal data regarding your racial or ethnic roots, political views, religious or philosophic persuasion, trade union affiliation, genetic data or data regarding your sex life or sexual orientation.

We use your personal data to:

Execute and fulfil our pre-contractual and contractual obligations, namely responding to submission of commercial proposals, accountancy and invoicing.
Communicating and managing our contractual relation with you; you may be contacted for administrative and/or operational reasons.
Customising and improving your client experience; you may be contacted to carry out surveys on satisfaction with our services, if you have expressly given consent for that purpose.
Informing you about promotions and news, if you have stated that you wish to receive them, for example, when you request a contact. Lucios will in no case share your personal data with other entities for purposes of marketing, unless we have your express and explicit consent. If you do not wish to receive marketing de from us, you may let us know at any moment by e-mail
We fulfil our legal obligations
Lucios commits to not use information regarding your personal data for any purpose other than those described above.

the personal data that we use may be directly provided by you or obtained from the following sources, with the aim of verification and enrichment of our databases:

Publications/databases of official entities;
Corporate Clients or service providers;
Trade partners to whom transmission was consented;
Websites/social media pages with information made public by yourself (ex: personal website).

We have implemented technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against destruction, accidental or unlawful, accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or unauthorised access thereto.
Based on the principle of minimisation and need for data, we will retain your personal data for the minimum period strictly required to achieve the aims mentioned in the preceding paragraph, committing to delete them as soon as those data are no longer needed or immediately upon your request. Once the preservation deadline occurs, your personal data will be safely destroyed.

Your personal data are treated with utter confidentiality and are used solely and exclusively for the purposes listed.
Lucios guarantees that we will never sell, loan or yield your personal data to third parties, without your express and explicit consent for that purpose.
Your personal data may be shared with our suppliers or service providers, Lucios guaranteeing that those entities are equally equipped with technical and organisational measures to ensure full protection of your personal data and that they will treat your data only for full fulfilment of the purposes inherent to the execution of the contract.
If your personal data must be shared with entities that are not within the European Economic Area, Lucios guarantees that they are bound to observe European legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

according to the applicable standards, the holder of the personal data has the following rights:

Information and access: obtain information regarding the treatment of your data and request copy thereof
Rectification: if you believe that your personal data are not accurate or are incomplete, you may request alteration
Deletion: you may request deletion of your personal data as far as is legally admissible
Limitation: restrain treatment of your data
Opposition: you may object at any moment to the treatment of your personal data
Withdraw consent
Portability: when legally admissible, the holder has the right to return of personal data that regard them and that they have provided us with, or, if technically possible, to transfer of data to a third entity responsible for treatment.
The rights described above may be enforced:

Personally, in our premises
by registered mail to Lucios, Rua José Martins Maia, nº 45, 4485-848 Vilar do Pinheiro
by telephone to the number +351 220 028 260 (national landline call)
by email, to the address
if you exert any of the aforementioned rights, Lucios will analyse and guarantee response within 1 (one ) month.

If you are not satisfied with the way that your personal data are being treated by Lucios, you are entitled to submit a claim directly to the National Commission on Data Protection:
Rua de São Bento, n.º 148, 3.º
1200-821 Lisbon
Tel: +351 213928400 (national landline call)
Fax: +351 213976832 (national landline call)

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