Knowledge Sharing

The 1st Workshop – Qualidade na Construção LUCIOS 2018 took place on February 21st and 22nd in Lisbon and February 27th and March 5th in Porto.

This initiative focused on all employees working in areas directly related to production: Commercial, Production, Management of Subcontractors, Quality, Environment and Safety and After-sale Service.

The several sessions began with an introductory note given by the Production Directors Carlos Rodrigues, in Lisbon, and Marco Morais, in Porto. The speakers were Jorge Anastácio (Lucios), Head of the After-Sale Service, that presented the subject: “Atividades do Serviço Pós Venda” (After-sale Service Activities); Miguel Mandim (Lucios), Coordinator for the Development and Production Quality Department, with the subject “Planeamento e Qualidade na Construção” (Planning and Quality in Construction; and Engineer Rui Campos (Lecma), Coordinator of Lucios Production Management Project, who analysed the current market challenges faced by companies, like focusing on team skills and how Culture and Commitment are key factors for corporate success.


Lastly, the internal production website “epro-d” with additional information on this subject was presented.

There was also time for a sharing of opinions and short debate aiming at exchanging experiences and improvement suggestions under the addressed theme.

We highlight the availability and interest of all those attending this initiative, and also the experience exchange and opinion sharing that was made in a healthy, productive way.