Tiago Faria - International Business Manager

Working at Lucios is:
Having vision, ambition, integrity and opportunity!

Teresa Marques - Estimator

Although I joined Lucios only in March 2011, working in this company is for me a pleasure and a great responsibility.
Because of the large fluctuations that the area of Construction has suffered over the past twenty years and because I worked in other companies, I must stress that this company is one those that motivated me the most, because of its ability, commitment, rigor and mutual help between colleagues and supervisors.

I am therefore very confident and proud to belong to this group that, despite the severe financial crisis that Portugal and the rest of Europe are going through, continues to grow with dignity and to fulfill its obligations, due to the intelligent management and good performance of its employees, standing out in a positive way from the remaining companies in the area.
I wish the best for our intire group, convinced that Lucios will overcome all the difficulties inherent to the current economic climate and continue its path, with the greatest success.

Diogo Campos - Civil Engineer

Lucios is a company with a conquered place in the competitive construction market. The name Lucios is associated with the honor to meet its commitments to employees and suppliers.

The family atmosphere and closeness between the entire team does not question the rigor and professionalism, by which Lucios is guided. The various challenges faced by the company contribute to technical, organizational and human development of the employees. The spirit of doing more and more does not inhibit presenting works well executed, at a first attempt!

Lucie Ramos - Estimator

In my opinion, the essential condition of success is the well-being and understanding of the worker with the team where it is incorporated and its leadership.
Working in Lucios provides the essential well-being for the balance of a good professional. As a person I found in this companyan environment of camaraderie and support from the leadership that is not common to other entities.

All these factors reflect a huge line between workers and superiors, as our personal life is perfectly compatible and is connected to the company, porpocionando a perfect harmony and comfort as part of this company.

Aurora Piloto - Responsible for the Legal Department

Working at Lucios is a huge challenge that contributes to my personal and professional development. Collaborating with the Group since 2001, is with immense pride that I see the sustained growth of the company over the years and how it has cemented its position and broadened their horizons.

Characterized by values such as integrity, honesty and loyalty and a great social conscience and responsibility, being part of this Great Family is a strong, enriching and motivating

Carlos Rodrigues - Production Director

I emphasize the unity of a strong team, cohesive and determined. A winning team, where the triumphs are assigned to the group, while retaining individual merit and the contribution of each element. I note the constant motivation to face new professional challenges that Lucios provides.

I am proud to say I work in Lucios.

Hugo Lima - Civil Engineer

Ethics, respect, responsibility and good relationshipS are values that are an integral part of our work in this company. I emphasize the opportunities for personal and professional development, coupled with an "open door" policy practiced by the management. It is with great pride that I am a part of this team.

Paul Lebres - Civil Engineer

Working at LUCIOS is far more than meet a work schedule by a monetary reward, it's a company that offers an opportunity for me to grow as a professional, and above all, as human being. The conditions I have, the treatment I receive and the people around me make me believe that this is the second houme I've always looked for. I am happy to be working with professionals, with people who always want more and better, and things are this way, everything becomes easier.

Hugo Soares - Commercial Director

Working at LUCIOS is still a pleasure! At LUCIOS, I have all the conditions I need to perform my job in an efficient and accurate way. At LUCIOS, I have additional perks that reward my efforts as an employee. At LUCIOS, there is a climate of trust and willingness to support my family, whenever it needs. LUCIOS has a personalized guidance by the various levels of management, which integrates as an active part of a whole and makes us feel needed. So I feel responsible and motivated to carry out my duties with integrity and professionalism and I look forward to pass on this feeling to those arround me.