Throughout three generations, the number of workers has increased significantly and, today, there are over 300 professionals working with us. It is our policy not only to increase that number according to the real needs of the company, but also and fundamentally, to increment the quality of their work. The appreciation of these human resources is a priority and to prove it, is our training and equal opportunity policy. Two pillars that increase the degree of satisfaction of the people that work with us and the quality of our works. If we add up all the training hours that we have made available to our employees, we have more than 100 000 hours.

A number that doesn’t stop growing and that accompanies the systematic completion of diversified actions, on the most varied areas and functions. It is this way that our work force stands out as one of the best qualified in this market, responding with know-how to projects, adopting new methods and dominating more recent technologies. By valuing training, we know that we are betting on the upgrading of individual and collective performance, as well as increasing the actual levels of productivity.

The promotion of equal opportunities and non-gender based discrimination is also of great value to us. Vouching for this policy are the 30% of women occupying management positions. If taken into consideration that we are a company performing in the area of construction, a sector mostly dominated by a male culture, this number gains a new and significant dimension.